County Road H/35W project

Ramsey County is reconstructing the I-35W/County Road H interchange. Construction began in mid-April 2016 and will be completed in 2017.

County Road H, from west of Highway 10 to east of I-35W, opened to traffic on November 30, 2016. This includes the Highway 10/County Road H intersection, as well as Ramsey County’s first two roundabouts. Crews continue to work on the new off-ramp from I-35W northbound to County Road H, which will provide direct access to Rice Creek Commons. The new ramp is expected to be complete by fall 2017. Construction of a noisewall along I-35W southbound between County Road I and County Road H2 will begin in January 2017.

Ramsey County was awarded state funding in 2014 to complete this project. This funding will be combined with State Trunk Highway funds and local funds (County State Aid Highway, County Turnback, and city funds) to fully finance the planned improvements.

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County Road H