Energy Policy White Paper

The Joint Development Authority (JDA) approved an Energy Integration Resiliency Framework Policy White Paper in November 2014.

The document provides a unifying vision for the site’s energy future and identifies the most beneficial opportunities for energy efficiency and efficient energy supply options. With efficient buildings, the site can provide low-cost energy for residents and tenants. Innovative energy supply systems can be designed for reliability and resiliency. Increased use of local, renewable energy systems can reduce the site’s environmental footprint. With planning and leadership, Rice Creek Commons can be developed with low-carbon energy sources in mind, request that developers meet energy and environmental standards, and engage future residents about the community’s energy use and their role as stewards of that vision.

The Policy White Paper presents immediate-term, near-term, and long-term policy and actions that the JDA, the City of Arden Hills, and Ramsey County can consider supporting, including through the TCAAP Redevelopment Code, the County RFP process, and future city or county ordinances.

The Policy White Paper was the foundation for the Energy Integration Resiliency Framework, which was approved in April 2015.