Ramsey County, the City of Arden Hills, and the Rice Creek Watershed District conducted a Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Reuse Feasibility study to identify potential green infrastructure projects, including stormwater reuse systems, that go above-and-beyond the baseline requirements met by the Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan.

In addition to exploring opportunities to achieve additional pollutant load reductions, the study also identified opportunities to incorporate more visible and potentially interactive stormwater features to help educate and connect residents and visitors to the broader water resources story within the 427-acre area.

The primary focus of the study was on green infrastructure best management practices that provide stormwater quality treatment, runoff volume control, peak rate control, and/or reductions in groundwater usage. The analysis identified areas of public right-of-way, public natural resources and public park, and private development areas that could be the best candidates for certain types of green infrastructure.

After exploring several green infrastructure options, the study recommends the following opportunities for consideration and implementation at Rice Creek Commons:

  • Tree trenches
  • Iron enhanced sand filter bench
  • Green plaza areas
  • Stormwater reuse ponds
  • Educational signs
  • Rice Creek overlook area