Master plan

The Rice Creek Commons master plan lays out a vision for the site that takes advantage of its location, builds on its assets, and introduces an exciting mix of new development. The master plan is a series of three documents – the TCAAP Redevelopment Code, the TCAAP Regulating Plan, and an amendment to the Arden Hills 2020 Comprehensive Plan. The plan was approved by the City of Arden Hills in July 2015 and by Ramsey County in January 2016.

Later in 2016, the Alatus, LLC master developer team identified amendments to the plan. These amendments further reach the common goals of creating jobs; establishing a walkable live-work-play community; and developing an attractive, amenity-rich, mixed-use environment that appeals to current and new residents, businesses, and the greater community. The Arden Hills City Council and the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners approved the amended master plan in December 2016 (including amended versions of the TCAAP Redevelopment Code and the TCAAP Regulating Plan).

Rice Creek Commons will be a cohesive mix of residential and commercial neighborhoods surrounding a town center, a unique community where young and old can live, work and play. Taking into account land designated for trails and open space, Rice Creek Commons has approximately 320 acres of developable acreage, of which approximately 50% is commercial and 50% is residential.


Rice Creek Commons will include a mixture of commercial and retail properties.

  • 46-acre commercial campus in the northern portion of the site.
  • 20 acres of mixed-use retail at the northern entrance to the site.
  • 20 acres of office space.
  • 73 acres of flex business space on the western and southern portions of the site.


The site will feature three new neighborhoods, each with a wide range of housing types, ensuring that Rice Creek Commons will be a place for people in all walks of life.

  • The Town neighborhood will be the heart of Rice Creek Commons. The only mixed-use neighborhood on the site, it will offer a walkable retail center, dense housing, and office space.
  • The Creek neighborhood will owe its uniqueness to the nature that will surround it on all three sides: Rice Creek, a series of wetlands, and a wildlife corridor.
  • The Hill neighborhood will take advantage of 90 feet of grade change, occupying the crown and slope of a rolling hill on the south side of the site. A range of housing types will be oriented around the hill, with a single street linking the park at the crown of the hill with the wetlands at the bottom.

Green space

The entire site will be interwoven with an internal network of parks and trails that will not only provide open space for all types of recreation, but also perform important environmental functions such as stormwater management and natural habitat restoration. The open space will connect into the larger regional system, providing future residents with access to miles of linked trails and making active living an easy choice.

Rice Creek Commons Development

The creation of the master plan was a collaboration between the City of Arden Hills and design firms Kimley-Horn and Cuningham Group. The City of Arden Hills has held several public open houses and encouraged public feedback. Overwhelmingly, the public emphasized the importance of creating identifiable neighborhoods, balanced green space, and walkable communities.